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[22 Jul 2008|12:44pm]
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We received feedback that rummaged.mail has sent out duplicate copies of our latest email due to a system error. We truly apologize for that!

21 July 2008
Latest collection featuring fashion favourites, black and whites with a touch of grey. Look instantly sophisticated with pieces from the Monochrome Magic series!

If you've noticed, we have also revamped the layout a little, we hope you like it! Things might still be a little messy right now, but we're working on fixing everything to make your shopping experience more enjoyable. Tell us what you think about the new Rummaged!

(Don't worry if you cannot see close ups or back views of the clothings on the comments page. Its an LJ constraint and we're looking into alternative solutions.)

01 June 2008
Dresses and more dresses!
Featuring latest trends on the runway - floral, tribal, gradients and more floral!

30 May 2008
Rummaged is going through a mini renovation.
Expect to see something new!

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Monochrome Magic [21 Jul 2008|11:05am]
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-Sold Out-

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Rummaged is back! [01 Jun 2008|11:33am]
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Fresh from Rummaged!Collapse )
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[01 Jun 2008|12:00am]
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Leave your emails in the entry to be on the mailing list!

Remember to add us to your friends-list too :)

All comments screened.
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Comments [14 Apr 2007|05:58pm]
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Tell us what you think about Rummaged! We are always pleased to hear from you and read your thoughts on our website, products or services. Tell us what you want and we'll accommodate your requests to the best of our ability. Random comments are welcome too. Thank you!
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